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How to treat Acne the fast and easy way

Aside from utilizing our incredible equipment to get your skin looking it’s best, we like to get to the root cause of what is actually causing your acne in the first place. Diet can play a huge roll in your skin health. Some of the biggest inflammatory, acne causing foods are sugar, other processed foods, and dairy products. We also focus on quality skincare.

 Hello Lira! Lira clinical has some amazing products that we use to combat active acne, allowing our clients to stop the medications prescribed by dermatologist that are so hard on their bodies systemically like accutane, Spironolactone, tetracycline or doxycycline to name a few. Using proper and adequate skin care is the key component to healthy skin and until this is achieved its very hard to even begin the transition to healthy skin.  

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At medical Esthetique pride ourselves in being able to create a skin care regimen and treatment plan for each individual, treating everyone very differently, not one care plan will be the same as the next. Then we get your skin glowing using various treatment options individualized to you.

 One of our favorites is utilizing two lasers in one treatment- IPL and light fractional CO2 in combination to resurface the skin, kill acne causing bacteria, and reduce the appearance of previous scarring. 

This acne protocol is one of our favorites! It requires no downtime, anyone with acne is a candidate for this treatment. 

What is IPL therapy?

IPL is a non-invasive treatment that sends light energy through the layers of your skin to break down pigmented skin cells and blood in capillaries and blood vessels.

IPL targets the dermis (lower layers of skin) without damaging the epidermis (top layer of skin). IPL can treat various skin conditions at the same time.

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We also like to use medical-grade chemical peels to really accelerate this process of acne resolution and blue light therapy to aid in killing the bacteria that feeds the acne. These treatments help improve existing blemishes as well as prevent future outbreaks. They are all indicated to treat of mild-to-severe inflammatory acne.

We are passionate about making YOU feel confident in the skin you are in! If you or someone you know is fighting acne, come see us or send your them our way! 

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